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No matter what business you’re in, to thrive you must fight the presumption that you know your customer
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium - Florida Gators

How Do You Build a Visionary University?

You pick what you want to be known for. Do you think the University…
Can I give you some feedback?

The Phrase You Hate To Hear But Have to Say Yes To

Can I give you some feedback? If you're like me this is one…
comfort zone and where the magic happens

I Was Completely Terrified Yesterday

I had to lead three consecutive sessions of Volleyball for 8-14…

9 Lessons Learned Volunteering on Not-For-Profit Boards

1. The world is changing faster than you can imagine. "Every…
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Want To Make a Change? Kill A Sacred Cow

Change doesn't "just happen". In any environment forces combined…

5 Ideas On The Future of Business Strategy

i.  Everyone's connected. Business strategy traditionally…

Management Entitlement: The Actual Problem At Your Company

Almost everyone I talk to these days who's over the age of 50…

3 Reason Why You Won’t Change And What To Do About It

The three reason why you won't change and inevitably never get…