27 Questions
About your Customer Service Strategy

27 questions about your customer service strategy

  1. Where do the majority of interactions with customers happen? Online or offline? Over the phone or in person?
  2. Is there anything in the environment /process of interacting with customers that may have a tendency to piss them off? (Example: long hold times when calling)
  3. Who has the majority of interactions with customers in your organization?
  4. Are those people given the most training and education in the company? Why not?
  5. Who are your best customers? Why?
  6. Who are your most profitable customers?
  7. What do your customers think of your customer service? Do you ever ask them?
  8. If you went out of business tomorrow, which customers would legitimately be upset?
  9. How do you know how your customers wish to be treated?
  10. Do your employees get adequate customer service training when they start? How do you know?
  11. Do they receive more training once they have experience on the job?
  12. Does your staff have the power to take care of the majority of problems that arise?
  13. What are the limits of what employees can do to make it right with a customer? (Examples: Nordstrom’s approach to customer service)
  14. Do you have your own company stories about amazing customer service? (Example: Zappos on call with a customer longest phone call record) What if you rewarded brilliant acts in customers service with a bonus?
  15. What if you incentivized your customers to help improve your customer service?
  16. Who has the best in class customer service in your category? If it’s not you, why not?
  17. What company do you look up to as a leader in customer service outside of your industry? What can you learn from them?
  18. 18. Is customer service a priority to all levels of management and employees at your company? Be honest…
  19. How can you get everyone at your company to take customer service seriously?
  20. When delivering your product/service is there a moment where you could do something that makes your customers smile?
  21. Are there times when you have to communicate with your past and current clients where you could do something creative to get a positive reaction? (Example: your monthly newsletter)
  22. What intangible value could you pass along to your current customers?
  23. What would you have to do to get someone to say something positive about your company on Facebook or Twitter?
  24. Do you know of any stories about your organizations customer service that past clients have told a friend or relative about?
  25. How do you intend to measure customer satisfaction in the future?
  26. Have you heard of any ways to measure customer satisfaction such as Net Promoter Score (NPS)?
  27. What do you have to do today to ensure your organization is a leader in customer service tomorrow?

Download the PDF here: 27 Questions About Your Customer Service Strategy