Entertaining Marketing Presentations

Not your boring academic lecture. Learning CAN be fun.

Meet Jeph Maystruck

I love speaking.

Simple as that.  For the past five years I’ve been doing presentations, running workshops and giving keynotes in and around Saskatchewan and western Canada, such presentations as:
  • Finding Your Mustache: How to standout in a clean shaven marketing world
  • The Art & Science of Online Marketing
  • The Day Social Media Blew Up the World
  • Neuromarketing: the future of how we communicate
  • How Dare You Be Normal
  • Everything you’ve heard about social media is wrong
  • Finding Your One Thing
  • The Myth of Talent
  • Have you made someone feel awesome today?

"Why I Hate The Word Can't"

Presented at TedxRPL Central Library

What have others said about Jeph’s presentation?

What can you expect?

3 reasons why you're going to love this presentation

  1. It’s entertaining (lets face it, most speakers are boring)

  2. I give prizes away to people throughout the presentations I think it’s funny and audiences love free (lottery tickets, stickers, magnets, books, gift cards, money, wine (just kidding), etc.)

  3. I have a completely different look at the marketing industry than most people.  I’m in a generation who were on the internet at a relatively young age, so my presentations are very much based on the information revolution we’re going through.

What does the presentation slide deck actually look like?

Everyone has a Superpower, What’s Yours?

A Definitive History of “Success”

Organizations that Jeph has entertained:

October 2015 – Careers Expo Day for high school students in Northern Alberta – Fort McMurray, AB – 5 Presentations

September 2015 – Presentation for businesses and entrepreneurs in Wood Buffalo Economic Development – Fort McMurray, AB

September 2015 – Ministry of Advanced Education, marketing and communications professionals at universities and colleges in Saskatchewan – Saskatoon, SK Half Day Workshop (See it here!)

September 2015 – Saskatoon Society of Fundraising Executives – Saskatoon, SK – Presentation

June 2015 – Foster Families of Saskatchewan AGM – Saskatoon, SK – Keynote

May 2015 – Personal Branding presentation for MNP Regina – Regina, SK – Presentation

May 2015 – Social media sales training with Sasktel – Saskatoon & Regina, SK – Workshops

May 2015 – West Coast Leadership Retreat for the Canadian Association of Business Schools – Regina, SK – Workshops

May 2015 – Sask Polytechnic administrators conference – Moose Jaw, SK – Afternoon Keynote

April 2015 – Saskatchewan Business Teachers Association – Regina, SK – Presentation

January 2015 – Banff Western Connection (National Association of Realtors Conference) – Banff, Alberta – Afternoon Keynote

October 2014 – North Battleford’s Chamber of Commerce – Keynote

September 2014 – Regina Association of Realtors – Presentation

March 2014, Canadian Public Relations of Saskatchewan – Presentation

March 2014, Helpdesk Employees International, (HDI) – Presentation

March 2014, Sask Central, “How the C-Suite use Social Media” – Presentation

February 2014, Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (SYPE) – Luncheon – The Story (Myth) of Success

February 2014, The Melville Chamber of Commerce – Presentation

December 2013, Sharpening Your Competitive Edge Conference in Saskatoon put on by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce – Presentation

November 2013, Financial Executives International (FEI) Regina Chapter – Presentation

November 2013, The TransACTION Youth Conference in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, put on by the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce – Presentation

October 2013, Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) client reception in Calgary – Presentation

October 2013, International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Saskatoon chapter – Presentation

September 2013, Regina Estate Planning Council

September 2013, With SaskMade Marketplace – half day workshop

September 2013, The Globe Theatre – Presentation

September 2013, The Owl Bar & Grill – Presentation

June 2013, Beer Bros Bakery & Cuisine – Presentation

June 2013, Nipawin Chamber of Commerce – Presentation

May 2013, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce AGM, North Battleford – Presentation

May 2013, Saskatchewan Professional Marketers Association, Regina – Presentation

February 2013, Lakeland College, Vermillion, Alberta – Presentation

November 2012, Saskatoon Society of Fundraising Executives – Presentation

November 2012, Canadian Agriculture Marketing Association – Presentation

November 2012, Sharpening your Competitive Edge Conference – Presentation

October 2012, Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute of Saskatchewan – Presentations (Regina & Saskatoon)

September 2012, SYPE – Saskatchewan Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs – Presentation

September 2012, Farm Credit Canada – Presentation

July 2012, Progress 2 Capital – Presentation

June 2012, Gradworks – Workshop

April 2012, Saskatchewan 3.0 Summit – Presentation

April 2012, Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council – Workshop

January 2012, The Interview Season 2 – Presentation

October 2011, Credit Unions of Saskatchewan, marketing conference – Presentation

September 2011, Farm Credit Canada, Marketing division conference – Presentation

April 2011, – Lunch keynote

March 2011, SGI Canada Insurance Broker’s Conference – Workshop.

February 2010, Saskatchewan East Enterprise Region – Workshop.

December 2010, Tourism Saskatchewan’s Fall Annual General Meeting – Lunch Keynote.

September 2010, Acuity Forums Executing Social Media Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan. (Voted top presenter)