Management Entitlement: The Actual Problem At Your Company

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  1. jephmaystruck
    jephmaystruck says:

    Peter, I’m humbled to have you on my website. I just finished reading Nice Companies Finish First, yes I’ll link to it. ( I loved it. So many great stories you tell in it, blog post is still to come. Your comment on entitlement in your blog post inspired the thought on entitled management, so thanks? And DUDE! I hear you on the Beancast all the time, you’re the funny one. Well you and George Parker, but only because he swears.
    I love your philosophy when it comes to business strategy, your book wasn’t just entertaining, there’s an underlying message of hope. Amazing.
    I still can’t believe you were on my blog, very cool. I’m going to give your book to people as a prize in the next little while. Thanks a lot.


  2. Peter Shankman
    Peter Shankman says:

    Awesome post and so true. I talk a lot about entitled management in my new book, “Nice Companies Finish First.” I won’t link to it here, this isn’t a promotional comment. But it’s so true – And when you look at companies that are failing or no longer in the lead, 99% of the time, you can trace it back to an entitled management force.

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