32 Questions
About your Engagement Strategy

32 Questions about your Engagement Strategy

Your Customers

  1. What do people say about your company online?
  2. Where do people talk about your product or service online?
  3. Do your potential customers want to talk to you?
  4. Do you have customers who absolutely love your company?
  5. When people are extremely happy with your service, who are they telling and how are they telling them?
  6. Would people buy your product on the recommendation of a friend or family member?
  7. If the phone book isn’t around next year, how will people find you?
  8. How could you get people to click something more often in your e-mail signature?
  9. Do you have your social profiles linked on your e-mail signature?
  10. Is your e-mail signature boring? (Be honest)
  11. Would people be talking about your product, service, company, or industry on Twitter?
  12. How would you provide value on Twitter without creating useless “noise”?
  13. What does a “successful” Twitter presence look like to you, your boss, your company?
  14. Are you prepared to always be monitoring?
  15. Are you on Linkedin? Do you understand what it’s used for?
  16. Do you know what the most viewed aspect of your LinkedIn profile is?
  17. What is your video strategy for the upcoming year?
  18. Have you ever researched what your target audience watches in video?
  19. Are people talking about your product, service or company on Facebook?
  20. Why would people want to go to your Facebook page? (Be honest)
  21. Can you offer something people can’t get anywhere else then on your Facebook Page?
  22. Can you solve a customer problem on Facebook?
  23. How can you talk to people on your page without selling to them?
  24. How can you talk to people on your page without sounding corny or cliche?
  25. What if your target audience isn’t on Twitter and Facebook? Where will they find out about your website?
  26. Could you create an online newsletter and distribute offline at first and slowly migrate to online? (or vice versa?)
  27. How could you engage your target audience in a completely different way than your competition?
  28. How “wouldn’t” your competition talk to customers? Can you talk to them in a different way?
  29. Could you engage with your target audience in an old fashioned or traditional way?
  30. What are you or your company passionately interested about?
  31. What could you talk about until you’re blue in the face? Start searching Twitter for that.
  32. If you only had one story to tell about your company, what would it be?

Download the PDF here: 32 Questions About Your Engagement Strategy