Your Favourite show you've never seen

Your Favourite Show You’ve Never Seen // #SocialTV Season 2 eps 1

Welcome back to another exciting season of #SocialTV. With your hosts Greg Moore and Jeph Maystruck.

A couple years ago at Access Communications for channel 7, Greg and Jeph hosted a show together called “Social TV”, the show about local social media stories. We had a riot!! But our viewership never really took off much past my friend Garth. Garth PVR’d every episode. So between Greg’s family and my friend Garth we didn’t have a major following. That didn’t deter us!

Now our dearly beloved Social TV is now onto Season Two of social media madness on air. This time around we’ll be able to share the videos ONLINE, in a medium that doesn’t attempt to control the message. Funny how it took us this long to truly make social TV, well, social.

Greg has a brilliant mind on marketing(works at Look Agency) and he does a podcast on hockey too. He also sends me articles like this….will this be on the test?

Feel the burn2016

We talk about everything from #FeelTheBurn2016 to how Greg taught himself to do his own renovations by watching Youtube videos.

We discuss the famous A Letter to Our Customers, from Apple that Tim Cook addressed to the United States Government

Greg has a hypothesis on how technology companies withhold innovation to maximize profits. It’s a pretty solid theory that’s difficult to argue against.

He has an amazing story about an app in the UK that has saved people $3 million in parking tickets so far. The Robo Lawyer will be coming to North America soon.

Social tv a conversation about the future of marketing

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