Every Cool company needs a t shirt

Why Your Company Needs a T-Shirt || Eps 26 #InTheLab

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  1. Faylinn
    Faylinn says:

    My company just had our new shirts printed for us and I really like how they look. In the past, I have had shirts that I wouldn’t want to wear on a regular purpose and so I think that it is very important to make the shirts look attractive to the wearer to the point where it makes them want to wear them outside of work. Along with that, comfort is definitely key. I would definitely suggest that companies make their shirts on a few different types of materials, because some people, like me, are very picky and don’t like to wear certain types of material.

  2. Connie & Mark Beingessner
    Connie & Mark Beingessner says:

    You’re awesome!!!! Even though we have yet to connect with you this summer regarding where we left off! We are stocking you!!!!

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