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Why Your Company Needs a T-Shirt || Eps 26 #InTheLab

T-shirt marketing has been around for years. I’m not sure who started it, probably someone who loved making people smile. Any way, what we wear has changed so much over the years. Clothing can affect the way you think(peoples’ perception of you changes), from the psychology of social signalling and Status Anxiety, to understanding that most of what we do is centred around attracting the opposite sex (see the book Spent for a fascinating look into this theory).

What we wear shows a small part of who we are and what we wear on our chest is one of the most important pieces of real estate.

Below are 5 tips to help with your next t-shirt marketing strategy.

T-shirt Marketing Idea #1 – Order a comfy t-shirt

I first remember my favourite company t-shirt, it was a Squareflo t-shirt that Derek Wu wore all the time. They had a cool logo and the t-shirts were from American Apparel so super comfy. I got my hands on a bright purple one and I wore all the time, I loved it! So please stop ordering the cheaper Guildan option, order a t-shirt that is actually comfy!

Imagine no bullies campaign tshirt

T-shirt Marketing Lesson #2 – Put your logo on something you are proud of

I really like the Imagine No Bullies pink t-shirts. I wear mine often. Today, you can show people what you believe just by what you’re wearing. Donate money and create a company t-shirt all your own but that supports a great cause. Remember, the companies that care the most are going to win in the end.

Inspire-be inspired-hughcartoons

T-shirt Marketing Idea #3 – Inspire other people to think differently

Over at Gaping Void Art Hugh MacLeod is vigorously creating new t-shirt designs just like the one above. These are the same designs on our business cards, they make you think a little more, the make you smile after you read them and they’re a way to show people what you care about. I love inspiring t-shirts, they’re my favourite and what inspired the Strategy Lab line.

Speed is Relative-T-shirt marketing

“Speed is relative.” -Threadless

T-shirt Marketing Idea #4 – Make people laugh

If you are going to the trouble of making a t-shirt at least make sure your message is funny! I’ve found a lot of great t-shirts at a website called The Sharing Machine, Threadless is great (where the t-shirt above is from), and while you’re out you should check out The Oatmeal. Lots of great stuff at all three of those websites.

It’s amazing when you see a stranger look at your shirt and start giggling to themselves. It’s a way to scale happiness!!!


Strategy Lab T-shirts-Strategy Lab Marketing

T-shirt Marketing Idea #5 – Do something original

Now it’s your turn to get creative, come up with your own amazingly radical t-shirt design! We came up with the “Have you made someone feel awesome today?” it was a sticker first. And the “You look GREAT today!” is just a fun thing Braedon came up with in our office because that boy flirts with everybody. So yeah, do something that sums up YOU, make it fun and original and for crying out loud get it printed on a nice feeling shirt.

Need ideas? Let us know! I’d love to help you create and inspiringly funny t-shirt.


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  1. Faylinn
    Faylinn says:

    My company just had our new shirts printed for us and I really like how they look. In the past, I have had shirts that I wouldn’t want to wear on a regular purpose and so I think that it is very important to make the shirts look attractive to the wearer to the point where it makes them want to wear them outside of work. Along with that, comfort is definitely key. I would definitely suggest that companies make their shirts on a few different types of materials, because some people, like me, are very picky and don’t like to wear certain types of material.

  2. Connie & Mark Beingessner
    Connie & Mark Beingessner says:

    You’re awesome!!!! Even though we have yet to connect with you this summer regarding where we left off! We are stocking you!!!!

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