Why you should treat your business like a good landlord

Why You Should Run Your Business Like A Good Landlord // EPS 49 #inthelab

Why You Should Run Your Business Like a Good Landlord.

Yasher Zareh, Director of Operations at Nighthawk Properties in Regina (a property rental and building management company here in Regina), is interviewed by our very own Conrad Hewitt Chief Social Officer at Strategy Lab and a current renter in Regina. Conrad asks about the relationship you have to keep as a landlord. With the assumption you want to maintain the best relationship as possible with your renter.

It’s a delicate relationship. As a landlord you deal with family emergencies, building emergencies and whatever other kind of emergencies you have to deal with.

You can’t be a jerk anymore! You have to maintain a positive relationship with your renters.

Communication is so vitally important. In 2016 where everything is digital and you can text anyone anything! We get lazy in our communication. We don’t use a phone call when we can text and no context is shared in a text message Nd we have a communication breakdown. It IS 2016 that’s what makes phone calls so much more important to use.

“Your property is your brand. Every time someone comes into contact with your brand(property) they either like it a little more or a little less.” -Conrad Hewitt


you are sending signals to everyone who comes in contact with your brand-no such thing as a neutral brand impression

“There is no such thing as a neutral brand impression.” A building isn’t just a building anymore, just like packaging isn’t just to cover a product. Everything has a hidden meaning, an intangible feeling you get when you use certain products. Whether you like it or not you’re sending signals to everyone who comes in contact with your brand.

For a landlord this is very important, the smallest thing can set off a potential renter, make sure you are putting your best “brand” forward.

pretend to be married to your customer

“Pretend you’re married to your customer.” When you’re married to someone you can never be perfect. That’s why communication is important, having empathy, and knowing that you’re no always going to get along.
Marriage is a big step, you treat someone different when you’re married to them. You must forgive when they make a mistake, you must praise when they do something positive. And above all you need to be flexible, after all, you’re stuck with this person (or renter) for a while.

Want to be better at business? Start acting like a landlord that people like. Forgive when people make mistakes, smile when they make you happy and for crying out loud if you’re going to be late paying rent again, communicate that!!