Everyone has a superpower

Why I Give Away Stickers Regularly – Episode 15 #InTheLab

Hugh MacLeod says the future of marketing is social objects. I wholeheartedly agree. That’s why I give away stickers regularly, I want someone to be inspired a week, a month, a year after I have met them.

"Never half ass Two things. Whole ass One thing." -Ron Swanson. Find this sticker and more because it's NEW STICKER DAY!!!!!

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There’s something special about seeing a sticker you gave someone displayed in public. It’s like a badge of honour. If you can make stickers that make people feel good or inspire them, bonus!!

We all have a vested interest in making the people around us happy, why not encourage the people on your team with an uplifting sticker, postcard or (fill in the blank).

Stratedgy Lab Stickers - Weird equals Awesome


weird equals awesome

One of my first stickers, I wanted to encourage your inner pink sheep. Seth has Purple Cow, I have Pink Sheep. To each their own.

Strategy Lab Stickers Do the impossible


Do The Impossible

That moment when you realize that everything was impossible before someone, somewhere made it possible. I thought I felt like a dog riding a horse. It was a brilliant moment I needed to capture in a sticker. Go on, prove someone wrong, do something impossible.

Do Impossible Things - Strategy Lab Stickers

do impossible things

A Strategy Lab featured sticker that sums up our belief about business and life. It’s about doing the impossible things, the things everyone thinks you can’t do.


Strategy Lab Stickers Have you made someone feel awesome today?

Have  you made someone feel awesome today?

This is the secret to life you know. Every day all you need to do it to make one other human being feel awesome. When you do you’re going to get your own boast of awesomeness. Don’t believe me? Go on try it out, I DARE you! It’s the most fun in an experiment you can have. Make someone feel awesome every day.


Remember don't listen to people who use the word impossible - Strategy Lab Stickers


Remember, don’t listen to people who use the word impossible. 

It’s scary if you think about it. People who live inside the box of what’s possible. Don’t be trapped by someone else’s beliefs, nothing’s impossible.

Remember youre better than you think you are


You’re better than you think you are

This one I made for people who have bad days (Pssssst, that’s everyone). You need to remember when you’re at your worst, that you’re really much better than you currently think you are. C’mon, have some confidence!!

Remember the bumblebee does something impossible everyday Strategy Lab Stickers

Remember, the Bumblebee does something impossible every day.

In Richard Branson’s The Virgin Way, he tells a story about the Bumblebee. Ever since the dawn of the scientific community studying he Bumblebee, they’ve concluded time and time again that it is an impossibility that the Bumblebee flies. Based on it’s body size and wing span, a Bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly.

Then Branson remarks, but ever since scientists have been studying the Bumblebee, not a single one has convinced a Bumblebee that flying is impossible, so every day the Bumblebee does something impossible, and so can you.

Everyone has a superpower


After coaching Volleyball for 6 years I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone has a Superpower. Everyone has a something they are amazing at, something they completely excel at. Make sure you help the people around you find their Superpower.

Hug your customers - Strategy Lab Stickers


Hug Your Customers

No you don’t actually have to hug your customers, but if you help people enough they are going to have an urge to give you a big ol’ hug every now and then. It’s a good sign. Long live the hug.

Do something awesome today - Strategy Lab Stickers


Do something awesome today.

Kind of our motto over at Strategy Lab, we want to do something awesome every day. Over deliver, excel, don’t accept mediocre, average is meaningless, make someone’s day.

Strategy Lab Stickers-Work hard care more


Work hard, Care more.

Our Motto at Strategy Lab, work hard and care more. We don’t have the experience the other marketing and website companies have so our only advantage comes from working harder and caring more.

Care More Strategy Lab Stickers

Care More. 

Again, what we believe in at Strategy Lab. Care more. It’s the new competitive advantage, care more about your employees, care more about your customers and you’ll find your customers will end up caring more about you. Think about it.

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