Why Every Young Business Person Needs To Coach a Team

You try and you fail.Role models wanted-coaching inspires

You succeed and don’t know why.

You lead when times are tough. You follow when times are great.

You have to be mature in the worst moments possible when you want to fly off the handle and freakout.

You learn what self control actually means.

You learn how to read people emotionally.

You learn how to deal with different types of people and different types of personalities.

You learn to create an over all goal then try and work like hell to achieve it.

You learn to be self aware in emotional situations knowing that for a moment 8 guys lives literally depend on how you approach adversity.

There’s nothing worse than letting down a 14 year old kid.

Kids needs positive role models, they need someone to look up to.

When you’re a coach you’re not just teaching kids a sport, you’re being a role model and unknowingly teaching life lessons. I will always remember the amazing coaches I had, the Toffan’s, Brotzel’s, Lynch’s, they made me who I am not only as an athlete but as a person.

You’re never perfect, you can always get better.

No matter how good you think you are you can always get better. I think that’s why I like coaching so much. It’s very similar to business. No matter how long you do it, you can always learn something new. And no matter how many players you’ve coached (employees you’ve managed, clients you’ve worked with), you can always learn something from each and every one of them.

I think every young person needs to coach a team.

Role models wanted.