What’s better Website Traffic, Search Engine Traffic or Social Media Traffic?


Hands down I think Search Engine traffic is better, below are 3 reason why.

I’d love to hear why you think social media traffic is better in the comments below.

1. The Metrics Say So

Search Engine traffic is better traffic based on time on site, pages per visit, and bounce rate. The majority of the website data I’ve seen, traffic from Social Media websites (Twitter & Facebook specifically) isn’t nearly as valuable as search engine traffic based on time on site, pages per visit and bounce rate.

Oh and if you’re thinking, Jeph, you must be crazy, we live in Saskatchewan no one Google’s stuff that much! You might be right for now but once can assume that in the future we will rely more and more on search capabilities. If your website can’t be found in Google you’re basically invisible to the majority of your target market.

From Google Analytics:

Traffic Sources to Strategy Lab

For this website Google Search Engine traffic has has a higher pages per visit, average visit duration, and a lower bounce rate.  The tri-fecta of better website traffic!

2. It makes logical sense that search engine traffic is more valuable

Search engine traffic is better quality traffic because someone is searching for something that you have on your website. If you’re smart about this you’ll target many of the different keyword terms your customers would be searching for in Google and writing about them over time.

Here are some of the keyword terms people searched to find my blog, jephmaystruck.com:

Google Analytic Search terms

Yup, you better believe I want people who search “advertising regina” to end up on my website.

3. Social media site popularity changes more than I change my underwear (which is a lot!). And the traffic changes all the time, it’s smarter to target search traffic, it’ll be around longer.

Two years ago it was Twitter and Facebook, then last year it was Pinterest, now Instagram is big and YouTube’s been slowly growing this entire time. I know what you’re thinking. WTF?!?

Twitter used to be my best source of traffic. Then Facebook was It’s too difficult to bank on one of three social networks to build up your influence. It’s much smarter to use your website as your central publishing entity and use social networks as supplementary communication mediums. Search will be around for a while, but social media platforms rise and fall within months.

Next time you’re assessing your online marketing budget and objectives ask yourself; “are we building our online strategy on a social platform that may or may not be around in five years? Or are we building on a platform where we can communicate from in the future, a permission asset per se?”