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What is Domain Authority & Why Do We Use It? (66 Websites Ranked)

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  1. Ortodonta Toruń
    Ortodonta Toruń says:

    Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to
    get there! Cheers

  2. Linda Schrier
    Linda Schrier says:


    I am Linda, I own number of websites and I have hired people for SEO of all those sites, but Lately I myself learning something about technical stuff, which can help me handle my site son my own and latest i learned about Domain Authority and I have been working on it in past few months.

    But despite having good internal Linking and god content, Most of my sites Domain Authority is around 15-20 which I think is not good, as I love to attract more advertisers and without having Good Domain Authority, it is tough to attract high paying advertisers.

    So, what basically, I want to ask here, is there any way to increase Domain Authority quickly, I mean in 2-3 Months?

    ~ Linda

    • Jeph
      Jeph says:

      Hey Linda!! I’ve seen this before and I believe what is happened to my old blog jephmaystruck dot com. Without major links (university, media outlets, large websites) it seems the greatest website ever may not increase in domain authority. I’d try some unconventional outreach. Write content for a major non-profit in your area. Sponsor something big to get your logo on their website. More social interaction has positively affected our websites rankings, difficult to know if that has affect DA though. That’s why I like using Moz, over time you can track what works and what doesn’t because I don’t think you’ll ever really know, trial and error, trial and error.
      G’luck Linda!!! Thanks for reading!!!


  3. Lisa Chaves
    Lisa Chaves says:


    Great Post Indeed!

    But recently I have heard that, the algorithm used by Moz to calculate Domain Authority is dying and giving many false results. Many bloggers are saying that, blogs Penalized by Google has High Domain Authority.

    So, My question is, Is it correct that, DA is dying? or it is just a to keep spammers away from Domain Authority?

    • Jeph
      Jeph says:

      Great question!! I can definitely see where some bloggers would say DA doesn’t work or is false but it should never be your main metric. DA will give a website an average odds of ranking, its not absolute.
      As for the blogger that has a high DA but doesn’t rank well at all, I’d be willing to bet when you look at the spam index on Moz they’re through the roof. I have seen some anomalies in ranking where I can’t explain how the heck a website is ranking where it is. But over the average DA will hold true.
      Thanks for reading!!!


  4. Rubel
    Rubel says:

    Improving Domain Authority is proving very difficult task for me, I was wondering how, Domain authority 40 can be achieved.

    But recently getting help from many experts, so now I am focusing on tips which can increase DA,

    Although, I have a question here, Will High DA means my ranking will be good? or it’s just a waste?


    • Jeph
      Jeph says:

      Thanks for the question Rubel!! A Domain Authority of 40 you say? Well you’re going to need to be creating something amazing and sharing to people who love it and they will feel the need to share it. To me it’s content and engagement.
      But not just “blogs”, that’s so 2011. Try infographics, whiteboard videos, elaborate videos, staff videos, develop a list of all the different stories you could share over the next year and then get writing.

      Then you’ll need to worry about who’s sharing your content once you create it. Treat your website like a media hub, a place people come and go to learn about ____________ . Fill in the blank with your superpower, whatever you do better than everyone else. Remember, if it doesn’t get shared it doesn’t really exist. Stop thinking about what to create and just create a variety of content, your audience will tell you what they’re interested in.

      It may take some time. We’ve been plugging away at Strategy Lab for three years now and still not a 40. That’s huge if you can get there!!!

      Keep on rocking in the free world.


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