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What Does It Take To Be A Great Leader? [6 Quotes]

Mark Miller is the author of some amazing books on leadership and all the proceeds of those books go to charity. That’s awesome.

Mitch Joel talked to him on the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast, check it out by clicking On Great Leadership with Mark Miller. The quotes below are Mark Millers, he has a way of summing things up that is simply brilliant.

I believe great leadership is “the willingness to be wrong and the courage to admit it.” I think Seth Godin said that. Genius. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Leadership. It can get hard sometimes, every leader had their setbacks, every visionary makes mistakes on the way. But the greatest leaders have been through more, every setback making them smarter and closer to their end goal.

Every setback, every struggle, everything put in your way is there for a reason, to make you stronger.

“The most successful companies will value results and relationships.”


“You never get more out of something than what you put in to it.”


“When you stop growing, you stop leading.”

When you stop growing, you stop leading

“Success is a lousy teacher.”


“Reinvent continuously.”

Reinvent Continuously


A question we must ask every now and then is “am I a serving leader or a self-serving leader?”


He’s brilliant, you had many great quotes throughout the podcast, I’d suggest you listening in on it.

You need not fear making mistakes. As we talked about in class the other night, a direct quote from a student; “People don’t remember the mistake you made, they remember how you handle it.