Purple Cow

Welcome To The @StratLab Office

Marc’s first day


Kind of a motto around here. “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far join us.” Stop trying to do things on your own and find an all-star team to help you.

Super Hero Office

We have a lot of “Super Hero” symbolism around the office. Jordan Mcfarlen told me a story about a time he visited Silicon Valley. He went to a place called “Draper University” and in the incubator part of Draper they had a “Hero Alley”. A place where the walls inspired you to be a hero. To be selfless, humble, hard working and to be a great teammate. We love it and our office will always have Superhero’s in it!


A great view of Regina!

A time-lapse outside our office on Dec 22, 2016

out-the-front-window-at-stratlab  Stratlab cowork

Inside the Coworking Lab!

Stratlab Candy machine

Three year old candy. Do not eat the candy.

Purple Cow Crossing

Purple Cow, there’s a lot of symbolism in the Purple Cow in our office. Read all about it here.

heart on a door

All our teams business cards. Thanks hugh!

Our Office Topographical view

The penguin march!

Office pinnate

Happy New Year! Come hit our Piñata!!

Office art

A beautiful Andrew Salgado Piece.


Credit for music in video: Bensound.com

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