Zarqa Nawaz

Year Completed:
Location: Montreal, QC
Phone: 415-552-9550

Zarqa Nawaz, a versatile Canadian talent, is celebrated for her achievements in film, television, literature, and journalism. She gained global recognition as the creative force behind “Little Mosque on the Prairie,” the world’s first sitcom depicting a Western Muslim community, which earned critical acclaim and numerous awards, including a Gemini. Zarqa also successfully sold comedy pilots to major U.S. networks and delved into thought-provoking topics in her documentary, “Me and the Mosque.” As an accomplished author, her memoir, “Laughing All the Way to the Mosque,” became a bestseller, garnering nominations and awards. In addition to her media roles, she has served as an advice columnist, radio host, and news anchor. Zarqa’s dedication to interfaith work earned her a Doctor of Divinity degree and a place on the Brampton Walk of Fame, solidifying her significant contributions to the arts in Canada and beyond.