Whispering Pine Seeds ltd.

Year Completed:
Location: Sintaluta, SK
Phone: 306-727-2222

Whispering Pine Seed, formerly known as Whispering Pines Seeds Limited, has a rich history dating back to 1941 when it all began with Francis and Yvonne Blenkin’s farming venture in the North East of Sintaluta. Over the years, the business evolved and expanded, with Harvey, Len, and later their grandsons Darren, Larry, and Sheldon joining the team. In 1969, Whispering Pine Farms was officially formed as they became part of the Canadian Seed Growers Association, marking a pivotal moment in their journey. The dedication and commitment to quality continued as they purchased the Cargill Elevator and established their cleaning facility. In 2019, Whispering Pines Seed found new ownership under Be-Ver Farms from Sedley, SK, ushering in a new era while preserving the family-owned ethos and commitment to producing top-quality seeds. Today, Whispering Pine Seed stands as a testament to their mission of providing exceptional seed varieties and unmatched service, making them the preferred choice for breeders, wholesalers, and farmers in the industry. Their values of honesty, service, and feedback guide their path as they continue to thrive and grow.