Town of Willow Bunch

Year Completed:
Location: Willow Bunch, SK
Phone: 306-473-2450

Nestled in the heart of Saskatchewan, the Town of Willow Bunch is a charming community with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1870. Situated on highway 36, just a scenic forty-minute drive south of the Trans Canada highway, Willow Bunch offers a glimpse into the fascinating past of Southern Saskatchewan. The town’s location near the Canada-U.S. boundary, amidst the rugged beauty of the Big Muddy Badlands, has made it a place of historical significance. Before European settlers arrived, this area was a cherished wintering spot and hunting ground for indigenous peoples, who were drawn to its deep cut coulees and ravines. The town’s origins are intertwined with the arrival of Metis families in 1870, who named it “Hart Rouge” due to the abundance of red willow. Later, French Canadian settlers arrived and christened it “Talle-de-Saules,” which eventually became “Willow Bunch.” Today, Willow Bunch stands as a testament to its vibrant past, inviting visitors to explore its unique heritage.