Town of Rockglen & RM of popular valley

Year Completed:
Location: Rockglen, SK
Phone: 306-476-2144

The Town of Rockglen, established in 1927, boasts a rich history and unique geographical setting. Nestled in a picturesque valley amidst rolling hills, it is strategically located on the crossroads of Highways 2 and 18, 54 kilometers south of Assiniboia and just 18 kilometers north of the Canada-US border. What sets Rockglen apart is its position within the Wood Mountain uplands, one of only four unglaciated areas in North America. This geological quirk has left a legacy of hidden treasures, including petrified wood and fossils, attracting archaeologists and nature enthusiasts alike. The town’s name originates from the railway’s hurried construction in 1926, and its history dates back to the Indigenous peoples who once hunted these lands. Nearby landmarks, such as the St. Victor Petroglyphs and the Buffalo Jump, bear testament to this rich heritage. As settlers, including British, French, and Scandinavians, established ranching operations in the late 1800s due to the challenging local terrain for farming, Rockglen evolved into a hub for services, businesses, and recreational activities that catered to the surrounding rural area. Today, Rockglen thrives as a vibrant community with essential amenities, a K-12 school, healthcare facilities, churches, cafes, art galleries, and more, continuing to honor its past while embracing a promising future.