Sturgeon Lake First Nation Education

Year Completed:
Location: Prince Albert, SK
Phone: 306-922-7532

Sturgeon Lake First Nation’s Head Start program is deeply rooted in their vision that every child is a precious gift from the Creator, each possessing unique gifts and talents. They hold parents in high regard as a child’s first and most crucial teacher, emphasizing the importance of active family involvement to provide the best possible programming. Their philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that a child’s early experiences lay the cornerstone for all aspects of learning and development, and the entire community plays a pivotal role in ensuring children receive a strong and healthy start. By fostering an environment of warmth, love, and exploration, they seek to meet children’s developmental needs across all domains, including social, physical, intellectual, cognitive, and emotional. At its core, the Head Start program at Sturgeon Lake First Nation embraces a holistic approach with a special focus on nurturing children’s cultural identity and language, encouraging thoughtfulness, respecting Aboriginal cultures, fostering participation, involving Elders, enhancing knowledge, and applying Aboriginal values throughout their daily activities and governance.