Steel Mace Valkyrie

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK

Steel Mace Valkyrie is more than just a fitness community; it’s a mission-driven movement. Their core mission is to cultivate a community of healthy, strong, and positive individuals through education, support, and acceptance, aiming to create a collective of confident humans. At the heart of this endeavor is Brandee, the Head Trainer, whose boundless passion and expertise infuse every class with energy and enthusiasm. With a diverse background in fitness disciplines like Steel Mace, Kettlebell, Indian Club, and bodyweight training, Brandee not only guides her students toward physical strength but also towards holistic wellness, including nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Steel Mace Valkyrie values strength, inclusivity, community, perseverance, and joy, making it a welcoming and empowering space for individuals of all fitness levels to embark on their journey towards becoming their strongest and healthiest selves.