Social Media Marketing for Artists (SMMART)

Year Completed:

SMMART, short for “social media marketing for artists,” is an innovative program designed to empower Saskatchewan artists in expanding their digital footprint and enhancing their online presence. By offering a series of eight online social media marketing workshops, led by seasoned experts from Strategy Lab, SMMART equips artists with the skills to transform their digital creations into strategic marketing campaigns. This program not only facilitates the creation of compelling digital content but also guides artists in utilizing it effectively to elevate their careers. Through SMMART, artists gain the tools to engage with new audiences, collaborate with peers, and connect with consumers in exciting new ways. Applications for SMMART were accepted until June 25, 2021, with the digital content creation phase taking place in August and September. The online training program commenced in October or November and ran until January/February 2022, allowing for a break during the winter holidays. The program welcomed professional artists from diverse disciplines, including music/recording artists, performance artists, and visual artists, offering them a valuable opportunity to enhance their social media marketing skills and digital content to further their artistic endeavors.