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Saskatchewan Young Leaders

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Saskatchewan Young Leaders (SYL) is a vibrant community of young professionals within the Credit Union system in Saskatchewan, dedicated to honing their leadership skills and contributing to the strength of the Credit Union system. SYL Community Members, who are 40 years and younger, share a deep passion for fortifying the Credit Union system through the cultivation of new connections and the acquisition of valuable skills. This dynamic group offers its members opportunities to learn and apply leadership skills effectively. SYL is guided by a committee comprising 13 dedicated individuals from various Credit Unions across the province, including members like Bonnie Reakes, Kirk Hopko, Keenan Davreux, Rebecca Eastwood, Tatianna Ochitwa, Mark Hildebrand, Sara Lainton, Karissa Little, Julie Beleshinski, Dajana Benic, Kirstin Mathison, Meghan Fossenier, and Caval Olson-Lepage. Together, they exemplify the commitment to fostering leadership excellence within the Credit Union community.