Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership

Year Completed:
Location: Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) serves as a critical conduit between Saskatchewan’s export industry and the global marketplace. Established on August 21, 1996, this member-driven, non-profit corporation is committed to amplifying Saskatchewan’s export activities and spotlighting its unique products and services. Operating under the guiding principles of “Prosperity through trade,” STEP offers customized export business solutions to its members, helping them diversify their customer bases and expand their operations.

With a strong focus on export growth, membership development, and leadership engagement, STEP aims to build an empowering export ecosystem. They attract and nurture a team of highly skilled professionals who approach their work with an entrepreneurial mindset, always seeking innovative and proactive solutions. Through their values of integrity, global thinking, and member-centric focus, STEP consistently achieves fiscal sustainability and operational effectiveness, all while fulfilling its long-term goals and mission of enabling commercial success for Saskatchewan exporters.