Saskatchewan Outback KCRA Rodeo Committee

Year Completed:
Location: Carrot River, SK
Phone: 306-768-7740

The Saskatchewan Outback KCRA Rodeo Committee, a devoted team of volunteers, orchestrates the celebrated “Saskatchewan’s Outback KCRA Rodeo” at Carrot River Valley Sports Grounds. This event, which received acclaim as the 2018 KCRA Rodeo of the Year and 2018 Saskatchewan’s Outback Community Event of the Year, operates as a non-profit organization. Their vision is to secure sponsorship and participants to support the region’s youth and community. The rodeo revitalized underused grounds and plans to continue improving them. The upcoming 2023 event promises an exciting weekend with rodeo events, entertainment, food, and family activities. The committee’s mission is to foster the rodeo lifestyle in Northeast Saskatchewan and promote the “Saskatchewan’s Outback” brand.