Rusty Shovel Landscape Shop

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK
Phone: 306-757-2227

The Rusty Shovel Landscape Shop in Regina is your go-to place for all your landscaping needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we treat our customers like family, offering top-notch products and expert advice. Founded in 2010 by Steve and Bev Kesslering and their nephew Sean and Katlyn Stefan, The Rusty Shovel originated from the desire to provide the Saskatchewan market with quality landscaping supplies and competitive prices. We’ve since expanded our product range to include irrigation, hardscapes, artificial turf, water features, landscape rocks, and more, serving both homeowners and professionals. In 2014, Sean and Katlyn Stefan took over, with Steve Kesslering’s 35+ years of experience still contributing. From a team of 3, we’ve grown to 7-10 full-time employees, expanding to 25 during busy seasons. The Rusty Shovel Landscape Shop is dedicated to helping you realize your landscaping dreams with top-quality products and expertise.