Rockin’ The Sky

Year Completed:

Kawacatoose First Nation, known as “ASINIW-KISIK” or “Rockin’ The Sky,” is a vibrant community that recently embarked on an exciting project called “Rockin’ The Sky.” This initiative was led by Kawacatoose Marketing, where students passionately contributed by brainstorming slogans, designs, and imagery for stickers, posters, and a website. The primary goal of this project is to raise funds to support sending more students to the N’we Jinan celebration in Winnipeg, demonstrating their commitment to educational and cultural enrichment. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and positive attitude have made this endeavor a remarkable experience for all involved. For further information about this incredible program and their journey, please visit the N’we Jinan website. Kawacatoose First Nation is not only fostering educational growth but also nurturing a strong sense of community spirit among its students.