Reimagine the Globe

Year Completed:

“Reimagine the Globe” is a transformative campaign embarked upon by the Globe Theatre, a nationally acclaimed center of artistic excellence. Since 1980, the Globe Theatre has been nestled in Regina’s historic Prince Edward Building, where it has passionately crafted a world-class theatrical experience while fostering opportunities for artists, students, and the community. The Prince Edward Building, an architectural gem built between 1906 and 1909, now calls for revitalization to reach its full potential. With various sponsorship levels and the unwavering support of generous donors like Andrew & Chantel MacCorquodale, Gordon & Jill Rawlinson, Paul and Carol Hill, Trevor Boquist, Lisa & Mitch Molnar, and many others, this campaign envisions a vibrant future for the Globe Theatre, preserving its heritage while ushering in innovation and engagement. The Globe Theatre is poised to continue enriching lives through the magic of the stage, thanks to the vision and support of its dedicated community.