Raptor Enterprises Inc.

Year Completed:
Location: Hafford, SK

Raptor Enterprises Inc., founded in 2002 and under the ownership of Dallas Simmonds, has its roots deeply embedded in the heartland of Hafford, Saskatchewan. Dallas, a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, returned to his family’s farming heritage in 2004, working alongside his parents, Rick and Harlene, to nurture their 8,000-acre family farm into the thriving agricultural enterprise known today as Raptor Enterprises. In 2019, the company expanded its horizons by acquiring a second farm in Raymore, Saskatchewan. Raptor Enterprises is steadfastly committed to its mission of efficiently producing top-quality cereal, oilseed, and pulse grains through the utilization of cutting-edge industry practices and technology. Furthermore, the company envisions itself as a pioneer in agricultural innovation while maintaining a deep respect for the environment and the community in which it operates.