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Location: Regina, SK
Phone: 306-757-7638

Rainsoft, established in 1946 in Regina, is Saskatchewan’s leading locally-owned water treatment enterprise with a legacy spanning over seven decades. Rooted in its origins as a family-founded business, Rainsoft is synonymous with exceptional service and top-tier products. Melding innovative technology with high-quality offerings, the company is committed to providing customers with pure, healthy drinking water and soft water for diverse uses. A testament to their customer-centric approach, Rainsoft promises unparalleled reliability, value, and an unmatched warranty. Their proficient team, trained and passionate about exceeding client expectations, stands as a beacon of dedication. Unique in its business model, Rainsoft both manufactures and retails its products, ensuring direct accountability and swift problem resolution, sans intermediaries. With over 70 years in the industry, Rainsoft remains steadfast in its pledge to deliver outstanding water treatment solutions.