Prairie Vascular Research Inc.

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK

Prairie Vascular Research Inc. (PVRI) is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to advancing medical research in Canada, with a specific focus on the prairies population. PVRI’s mission encompasses various aspects of research, including recruiting prairie residents for international trials and facilitating investigator-initiated trials tailored to address region-specific questions. This organization not only promotes research but also serves as a platform for aspiring medical researchers to cultivate skills and establish mentorships, laying the foundation for their journey in the field of medical research. PVRI’s research endeavors aim to alleviate clinical challenges, exploring the most practical and cost-effective solutions while considering the impact of geographic isolation on healthcare access. Moreover, PVRI actively engages patients in shaping research questions and implementing knowledge translation strategies, ensuring that the research directly benefits those it seeks to serve. With a dedicated team of founders, executives, research associates, and principal investigators, PVRI is committed to making a meaningful difference in the healthcare landscape of the prairies.