Palazzo Landscape Design

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK
Phone: 306-352-2318

Palazzo Landscape Design is not your ordinary landscaping company; they are a team driven by a profound passion for transforming outdoor spaces into personalized paradises. Founded in 2013 by the dedicated Christyn Palazzo, their mission is clear: to create outdoor environments that clients truly love. What sets them apart is their commitment to collaboration, considering clients as essential team members in the creative process. From Pinterest-inspired dreams to practical implementation, Palazzo Landscape Design seamlessly blends client preferences with their expertise in design and horticulture. They understand the importance of longevity and adaptability, carefully selecting materials and plants to suit both the space and the local climate. Furthermore, they consider lifestyle, maintenance, privacy, drainage, and functionality when crafting your outdoor oasis. Whether you seek expert advice, detailed plans, or end-to-end installation, Palazzo Landscape Design’s approach is all about you, ensuring that your outdoor space becomes a reflection of your style and a place to cherish new memories.