North Americana Restoration

Year Completed:
Location: Qu’Appelle SK
Phone: 306-699-7023

North Americana Restoration is a passionate and experienced team with over 60 years of combined expertise in restoring, customizing, and enhancing the everyday drivability of classic vehicles. Located in a small shop, we dedicate ourselves to crafting a select few projects each year. Our love for Old Trucks runs deep, as they represent both coolness and utilitarianism, mirroring the heart of the prairies where we hail from. Whether you have a project vehicle in mind or not, explore “Our Collection” to discover rare pickups and SUVs ready to be revitalized and transformed into your dream ride. If you appreciate our work and wish to have your very own North Americana Built pickup or SUV, reach out to us via our contact form, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in bringing your automotive vision to life.