Mackenzie Applied Research Association (MARA)

Year Completed:
Location: Fort Vermilion, AB
Phone: 780-927-3776

The Mackenzie Applied Research Association (MARA) is a dedicated non-profit organization that focuses on applied research in agriculture and environmental sciences. Based in Fort Vermilion, Alberta, MARA serves the needs of producers in Mackenzie County, the northernmost commercial agriculture region in Canada. Notably, MARA has a strong commitment to organic farming, with over 40% of its clients being organic producers. MARA’s primary objectives include conducting relevant research and demonstration trials in crop, livestock, and environmental areas, developing innovative strategies for soil and land management to boost production while safeguarding the environment, and providing valuable extension services to producers. Operating in northern Alberta, MARA tailors its programs to the unique climate and soil conditions of the region, supported by the resources and land acquired from the Fort Vermilion Experimental Farm. Collaboration is central to MARA’s mission, as it partners with government agencies, private organizations, and local agricultural stakeholders to deliver its programs, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach to agricultural research and sustainability. MARA is also an active member of the Agriculture Research & Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA).