Knaus Air Solutions

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KNAUS AIR SOLUTIONS is the industry leader in engine pre-cleaning technology, offering the revolutionary PARAGON™ ENGINE PRE-CLEANERS. These Canadian and American-made pre-cleaners are engineered for the perfect balance between low air restriction and the highest particulate removal efficiency, ensuring that your job stays clean while your filter stays efficient. With a quick 5-minute installation time, equipment operators across North America are flocking to the PARAGON™ pre-cleaners to combat dirt, dust, debris, and snow, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Unlike standard pre-cleaners, the PARAGON™ offers low air restriction for outstanding fuel economy, increased filter life, reduced downtime, and a smaller carbon footprint. With independent A4 Test Dust results showcasing remarkable dust protection and a dedication to North American manufacturing, KNAUS AIR SOLUTIONS’ PARAGON™ pre-cleaners are changing the game for industries reliant on efficient engines. Don’t just take our word for it; hear from satisfied customers who have experienced significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs, along with extended air filter life. The PARAGON™ is your solution to keeping your engines running smoothly and efficiently.