Kessler Ag Ventures Ltd. (KAV)

Year Completed:
Location: White City, SK
Phone: 306-540-5410

Kessler Ag Ventures Ltd. (KAV) is a distinguished consulting firm based in Southern Saskatchewan, renowned for its specialization in Precision Agriculture and its unwavering commitment to Dynamic Agronomy. With a highly experienced team in the field, KAV proudly collaborates as a SWAT Map partner, offering clients top-tier Soil Water and Topography (SWAT) maps. At KAV, our purpose is rooted in enabling growth through generosity. We possess an unyielding passion for the intersection of science and agriculture, channeling our expertise and values to empower clients in achieving sustainable growth, both in the present and for generations to come. Our core values of integrity, trust, respect, professionalism, and innovation guide us daily in fulfilling this mission.