Indigenous Aquatic Stewardship Fund

Year Completed:
Location: Vancouver, BC
Phone: 778-379-6470

The Indigenous Aquatic Stewardship Fund, established in 2019, is a charitable organization dedicated to leading and promoting environmental conservation efforts. Rooted in the belief in the inherent value of Indigenous knowledge, the organization is committed to preserving and restoring aquatic ecosystems in British Columbia. Through collaborative partnerships, conservation initiatives, and scientific expertise, their mission centers on safeguarding the natural heritage of the region’s aquatic resources. Their vision extends to a future where ecosystems thrive through the fusion of Indigenous wisdom, scientific innovation, and cooperative alliances, resulting in vibrant and resilient aquatic environments that benefit Indigenous communities and the broader public. Guided by values such as Indigenous leadership, environmental sustainability, a holistic approach, collaboration, and adaptability, the Indigenous Aquatic Stewardship Fund seeks to ensure the long-term health and vitality of these precious resources for generations to come.