Hope’s Home

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK
Phone: 306-205-4663

Hope’s Home, a pioneering institution, provides vital care for children with complex medical needs, their siblings, and typical children in Canada. Established in 2005 by CEO Jacqueline Tisher, it’s the nation’s first medically inclusive child care center. As a charitable organization, Hope’s Home offers a nurturing, inclusive environment for all children to learn and grow. On-site nurses provide essential medical care, bridging the gap in child and infant healthcare outside of hospitals. They cater to children with chronic medical conditions, ensuring specialized care while creating a safe play environment. Hope’s Home embodies the vision that every child is valued, striving for trust, respect, fun, and exceptional care. Jacqueline Tisher’s journey, inspired by her daughter Acacia and foster daughter Hope, is a testament to providing a loving family and home to all children. Hope’s Home continues its profound impact on child and infant healthcare in Canada.