Holterman Waller Strategy Inc. (HW Strategy)

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK

Holterman Waller Strategy Inc. (HW Strategy) is a Regina-based consultancy firm specializing in strategic and complex initiatives primarily focused on Saskatchewan, with potential local, provincial, and national impact. Their expertise lies in serving as trusted advisors to ambitious executive teams, facilitating strategic initiatives that span various sectors, including government, post-secondary institutions, and Indigenous communities. HW Strategy offers a comprehensive range of support services, from business strategy and financial analysis to stakeholder engagement and project management. One noteworthy project they have been involved in is the Muskowekwan Family Healing and Wellness Centre, dedicated to healing intergenerational trauma among First Nations families in Canada. With a successful track record and hands-on approach, HW Strategy continues to be a valuable resource for leaders seeking to advance their most critical projects. Established in 2020 by Rachelle Holterman and John Waller, the firm builds on more than a decade of collaboration at McNair Business Development Inc., and they maintain connections with McNair as associates.