Herbert Grain Ventures

Year Completed:
Location: Moosomin, SK
Phone: 306-739-0024

Herbert Grain Ventures is a forward-thinking agricultural enterprise driven by a clear vision and unwavering commitment to leaving a positive legacy for future generations. Their mission revolves around maintaining the integrity and success of their operation, with a keen focus on harnessing the potential of their greatest resources: people and the land. The company’s core values emphasize the importance of win-win relationships, a growth mindset, optimization, and a winning attitude. They invest in their people through leadership development, strategic coaching, and behavioral analytics, ensuring their team is aligned with their strengths and values. Herbert Grain Ventures also stands out as a leader in agricultural technology, using innovation to optimize yields while minimizing environmental impact. With a dedication to their EOS framework and a strong financial strategy, they aim to achieve long-term growth and sustainability in the agricultural sector.