Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK
Phone: 306-780-9202

CURLSASK, the governing body for curling in Saskatchewan, has a clear and inspiring mission, vision, and mandate. Their mission is to promote and develop curling in the province by providing leadership, services, and programs that cater to curlers of all levels in a safe and inclusive environment. Their vision is to share the power of sport through their unwavering passion for curling. As the collective voice for curling in Saskatchewan, CURLSASK strives to foster interaction and relationships, build capacity within communities, encourage participation at all levels, and promote excellence through a high-performance curling program. Their core values of respect, courage, inclusivity, and teamwork underline their commitment to treating every member with utmost respect and integrity while making decisions that benefit the sport of curling, even if they are challenging or unpopular. CURLSASK is dedicated to nurturing the curling community and ensuring its growth and success across the province.