Credit Union Managers Association (CUMA)

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK

The Credit Union Managers Association of Saskatchewan (CUMA) is a dynamic organization dedicated to fostering a robust credit union system in the province. CUMA’s core mission is to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of strong, professional relationships among credit union employees. Whether you’re a seasoned credit union leader or an aspiring one, CUMA offers a valuable platform for networking and personal development. Through both formal and informal channels, CUMA encourages active participation among its members, promoting peer support, inter-credit union collaboration, and enhanced communication. Membership is open to all credit union employees over 18, making it an inclusive community for those looking to enhance and share their leadership skills. CUMA’s commitment to a level playing field where titles don’t define connections plays a vital role in building a more cohesive provincial credit union system. Membership criteria may vary by individual credit union discretion.