Competitive Will Performance Consulting

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Location: Regina, SK
Phone: 306-551-5418

Competitive Will Performance Consulting is a dynamic provider of mental training services catering to athletes, coaches, teams, and businesses. Their comprehensive service portfolio includes workshops, team-building sessions, critical analysis, educational resources, and benchmarking tools, all designed to elevate individuals and organizations within the competitive arena. With a tailored approach, Competitive Will empowers clients to cultivate a winning mindset and gain a competitive edge. Testimonials from athletes, such as J.G., a Paralympian, and S.M., a golfer, attest to the tangible benefits of their mental performance expertise. By fostering performance and development conversations, Competitive Will assists clients in setting intentions, focusing on agendas, and enhancing their mental game to achieve future excellence. Through meticulous evaluation and the establishment of performance standards, Competitive Will is committed to elevating the pursuit of excellence in their clients’ respective fields.