Community Builders Alliance

Year Completed:

The Community Builders Alliance is a dedicated nonprofit group of individuals on a mission to enhance the Moosomin region’s quality of life, encompassing the essential pillars of a strong community: Healthcare, Education, Arts & Recreation, and Business. Recognizing that a thriving community hinges on these fundamentals, the alliance collaborates closely with local municipal authorities to determine regional priorities. Their current top objectives include upgrading the airport with a 5000-foot paved runway, securing a CT machine for the hospital, establishing a new multiplex, and developing a residential subdivision. In an unprecedented display of unity, the CBA, Town of Moosomin, and RM of Moosomin are sharing the funding for a full-time economic development officer and government strategist, underscoring their commitment to working together for a more prosperous community. As a nonprofit organization, the CBA is privately funded by individuals who share a common vision of bolstering the community, driven by the principles of the Four Pillars – Arts and Recreation, Healthcare, Education, and Business – with a focus on improving opportunities for children, healthcare services, education access, and business growth.