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Community Alcohol Strategy Steering Committee (CASSC)

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Phone: 306-960-5499

The Community Alcohol Strategy Steering Committee (CASSC) is a dedicated, volunteer-driven organization with a multidisciplinary approach. Its main mission is to support the realization of the Community Alcohol Strategy’s vision. CASSC’s central goal is to provide a strategic framework and a supportive network that fosters awareness and encourages action to cultivate healthier communities by reshaping their relationship with alcohol. CASSC actively strives to motivate, mobilize, and promote initiatives leading to more frequent alcohol-free events, responsible alcohol consumption when it is served, and effective addiction prevention and intervention measures. While CASSC doesn’t create, command, or implement policies, it plays a vital role as cheerleaders, networkers, and coordinators, working to sustain momentum and streamline collective efforts toward the Community Alcohol Strategy’s success. The committee focuses on three primary areas: promoting alcohol-free, family-friendly events; advocating for safe and responsible alcohol consumption at events; and offering intervention and support for those struggling with addiction. CASSC meets monthly, concentrating its efforts on raising awareness and driving the implementation of the Community Alcohol Strategy through presentations, training, community engagement, and awareness campaigns.