Chief Red Bear Children’s Lodge

Year Completed:
Location: Cowesses, SK
Phone: 306-399-0640

The Chief Red Bear Children’s Lodge is a dedicated institution with a profound mission to honor their Nation by providing holistic, traditional, and culturally-based healing support to children and families. Their vision is to see a healthy, proud, and vibrant Nation where wellness is achieved through a deep connection to their cultural roots and traditions. The Lodge places significant emphasis on core values such as upholding traditional Indigenous values and cultural practices, mutual respect, integrity, and truthfulness. They actively promote community connectedness and engagement, nurturing, welcoming, and loving environments, and the virtues of courage, wisdom, hope, and humility. Chief Cadmus Delorme, a respected leader of Cree and Saulteaux heritage, serves as a vital figure in their pursuit of these goals. Through their efforts, the Lodge strives to protect and uplift children and families, strengthening the bonds of their community and cultural heritage.