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Build Love

Year Completed:
Location: Regina, SK

Build Love is a remarkable non-profit organization based in Regina, Saskatchewan, dedicated to making a profound impact on the lives of families facing permanent non-typical challenges. At its core, Building Love means uniting the community in the spirit of collaboration to create a meaningful difference in someone’s life. In 2018, they began their mission by rallying local entrepreneurs and community members to provide the Kennedy family, whose daughter Vienna had complex mobility challenges, with a comprehensive home renovation valued at over $350,000. In 2019, they continued their heartwarming work by redesigning the Gorski family’s home to accommodate Bonnie’s accessibility needs, allowing her to continue living with her husband despite her battle with multiple sclerosis. Build Love’s unwavering commitment to empathy, compassion, and collaboration is a testament to the power of community coming together to build love, hope, and a brighter future for those in need.