Beckie Hydrogeologists Ltd.

Year Completed:
Location: Emerald Park, SK
Phone: 306-721-0846

Beckie Hydrogeologists Ltd., originally founded in 1976 by Vince Beckie in Regina, Saskatchewan, has since evolved into Beckie Hydrogeologists (1990) Ltd. after Mr. Beckie’s retirement in 1990. This seasoned company offers professional consulting services in geology, hydrogeology, and environmental sciences across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. With a legacy spanning over three decades, they have successfully orchestrated approximately 900 groundwater exploration and water supply well construction projects. Beckie specializes in the design, direction, and assessment of various drilling and water well installation initiatives, addressing source water supplies, surface water infiltration systems, artesian well installations, dewatering well systems, aquifer monitoring, well maintenance, decommissioning, and environmental impact assessments. Their diverse clientele includes First Nations, government entities, Crown Corporations, private sector firms, consulting engineers, and agricultural ventures, underscoring their extensive expertise and broad reach in the field.