Ad Mortem

Year Completed:

“Ad Mortem” is a dark and immersive medieval combat game set in the ravaged world of Contrara. As a Vessel, a being bound to this world due to the death of the Old Gods, players must rise from death and master melee combat to survive in a land consumed by entropy. The game offers both Player Versus Player action in ranked 5v5 battles between two factions, the Palisadeans and the Hantrii, as well as a Co-Op experience with a harrowing narrative. Players can choose from various PVP classes, like the adaptable Demon Hunter known as the Slayer. In the backdrop of this chaos, a forgotten citadel ruled by a grotesque King seeks vengeance, attracting lost Vessels and mercenaries. “Ad Mortem” promises a mechanically deep and immersive gaming experience, developed on Unreal Engine 5, where players must choose their allegiances and face the perils of a world on the brink of annihilation.