Aberhart Farms

Year Completed:
Location: Langenburg, SK
Phone: 306-743-2721

Aberhart Farms Inc. is more than just a farming operation; it’s a passionate team dedicated to nourishing the world with the best agricultural practices. Nestled near Langenburg, Saskatchewan, close to the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, Aberhart Farms excels in producing top-quality cereals, pulses, and oilseeds through advanced agronomic methods. This family-owned and operated business places a strong emphasis on community values and values its farm team and their families. Motivated by a profound love for agriculture, Aberhart Farms strives to grow the finest crops in an efficient and environmentally sustainable manner. Their commitment to industry partnerships, trust, and mutual respect underscores their long-term success. Precision farming is at the core of their sustainable practices, and their family-oriented approach fosters an enjoyable and positive work environment for their dedicated team members. Aberhart Farms firmly believes that by doing what they love, they can fulfill their dream of providing high-quality, sustainable food to help feed the world.