10 Photoshop quick keys

Top 10 Quick Keys in Photoshop (Plus 5 Freebies you should already know ya NOOB!)

We discovered these as a team during a Learning Friday with Eddy, there are so many quick keys that can make your life easier in Photoshop. Yes you don’t need to be a professional designer to be able to use Photoshop, I think it should be taught in school. Being able to manipulate an image is powerful. To be able to do it in a way where people can’t tell you did it?! That’s well what Eddy does!

It’s amazing what you can do in Photoshop, learn it, practice it, create something amazing! Oh and I know that title is a little aggressive, if we’ve missed some of if you don’t believe this list is right please add to it in the comments below!

Here are top 10 plus 5 Quick keys (shortcuts) in Photoshop

  1. Press “D” for the default. It’ll bring your fore ground and background colours to to the default state (black and white).
  2. Press “X” alternates foreground and background colours.
  3. “Space bar” is your temporary hand so you can move around your canvas easier.
  4. Hold down “cmnd” and “+” to zoom in and “cmnd” and “-” to zoom out.
  5. Hold “cmnd” and “0” shows your entire canvas (everything on screen).
  6. Press “Q” for quick mask.
  7. Holding down “ALT” then selecting an object will duplicate the object.
  8. Holding down “cmnd” and “J” copies a layer.
  9. Working with multiple layers: holding “cmnd” and clicking an object selects that objects layer.
  10. Adjusting Layer opacity, you can use the numbers on your keyboard to control percentage of opacity.

Five Freebies that you should already know in Photoshop…

  1. Hold “cmnd” and “C” to copy
  2. Hold “cmnd” and “X” to cut
  3. Hold “cmnd” and “V” to paste
  4. Hold “cmnd” and “D” to deselect whatever you had selected and “hold “cmnd”+”shift” to reselected what you just deselected
  5. Hold “cmnd” and “Z” to undo whatever you just did.
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